Are you deaf?

We don’t need more whistleblowers

In this blog piece (4 March 2014) Wim Vandekerckhove of the University of Greenwich writes that we are no longer confronted by a culture of silence but a culture of deafness.

Using data from Whistleblowing: The Inside Story, a joint project from Public Concern at Work and the University of Greenwich Dr Vandekerckhove writes: “the standard initial response – 3 out of 4 – whistleblowers get is a deaf ear. That probably hasn’t changed in the past 20 years. What has changed however, is that there are now more people and more groups in society ready to support whistleblowers who find a deaf ear in their organisation. That support means various things because there is a myriad of groups – some are union reps, some offer legal advice, some psychological support, some broadcast on twitter, some give you an award.”

For more from Wim Vanderkerckhove see 

This is an excerpt from UK’s PCaW newsletter.

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