Whistleblowing for Change

Blowing-The-WhistleIf you missed this conference last year … you are in luck! Click here for a half-hour “documentary” of the Whistleblowing for Change conference organized by Transparency International and held at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin in March 2013. See excerpts from Mark Cohen’s terrific keynote speech (Office of the Special Counsel, US), Bea Edwards’ inspiring closing speech (Government Accountability Project, Washington – a founding member of WIN!) and get a sense of the panel discussions with participants from around the world.

In March 2013, Transparency International (TI) brought together some of the world’s leading experts on public interest whistleblowing to discuss  the key challenges in making whistleblowing work for a better world.  Many of these include organizations and experts participating in the Whistleblowing International Network (WIN) and we are grateful to TI for keeping whistleblower protection high on the anti-corruption agenda.

The conference was one of the first international opportunities for lawyers, policy-makers, leading civil society actors, journalists, whistleblowers and members of the public to come together to discuss the key challenges in protecting whistleblowers in different circumstances.  By highlighting real examples – whistleblowing that revealed corporate malfeasance, government corruption, abuse in care, and environmental damage – and presenting different national legal and institutional responses so far, the conference provided a timely reminder of the role of whistleblowing to safeguard the public interest.

WIN will continue to work with Transparency International and its national chapters to help ensure that whistleblowing is understood both as crucial anti-corruption mechanism but importantly as a wider public accountability mechanism that requires long term vigilance and consideration.

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