WIN calls on EU Justice Ministers to support flexible reporting channels in EU Directive

07/03/2018 – The Executive Director and the Board of Trustees of the Whistleblowing International Network (WIN) have written an urgent open letter to the Ministers of Justice of all 28 EU Member States.

As lawyers and experts with over 40 years’ experience in the field of whistleblowing law and practice, WIN’s Executive Director and its Board know how vital it is for organisational governance and democratic accountability that reports of wrongdoing can be made directly to competent authorities first.


If the EU adopts a directive that imposes a strict hierarchy of reporting, it will make it more dangerous for individuals to speak up, not less. This will further reinforce a dynamic of silence and resorting to anonymous leaks. Citizens need to feel empowered to challenge wrongdoing and we need organisations that welcome those who alert them to problems and act in best interests of society.  The proposed Directive will have the opposite effect.

As it stands, the EU is on the verge of adopting a whistleblower law that would make it more dangerous for individuals at work to speak up about wrongdoing than it has been so far, making it easier for corruption and abuses of power to remain unseen and unchallenged.

WIN stands resolute in its opposition to a directive that imposes mandatory internal reporting as a minimum standard and urges all those in Europe working to better protect whistleblowers to join them in their call for flexible protected disclosure channels.