Campax is committed to a climate of open dialogue and to improving the framework conditions for whistleblowers in the economy, state and society in our Switzerland.

As the various scandals uncovered by whistleblowers in Switzerland and elsewhere prove, whistleblowers are an important part of a functioning, democratic society - they must therefore be protected. This is one of the central tasks of our campaign: to guarantee protection and transparency, a task that is still insufficiently performed by the Swiss law and state.

In a legislative tragedy, the Federal Council and Parliament have been pushing whistleblower protection back and forth like a hot potato for many years. A significant improvement of the situation is currently not foreseeable. Campax is working with the SwissLeaks campaign to ensure that broader civil society circles commit themselves to better whistleblower protection and that the newly elected parliament, picks up the ball again and makes progress.

With our own whistleblowing platform SwissLeaks, Campax has created a platform on which grievances and threats to the common good can be uncovered anonymously without worsening the whistleblowers situation. Purpose of the platform is to support whistleblowers but also fire up societal debate about whistleblower protection.