Steering Committee

It was at a meeting held in the margins of a IRWN conference in 2011 that the idea of WIN was first mooted.

Since then, WIN has reached out to those working in fields closely connected to democratic accountability and whistleblowing including in investigative journalism, academia, justice and human rights, open government, anti-corruption, independent regulation and supervision (eg. ombudspersons, information commissioners) and intergovernmental organisations such as the Council of Europe, the Organisation of American States and the United Nations.

WIN’s expert listerv now includes more than 75 experts from 33 different countries.

The Steering Group consists of nine members:

Government Accountability Project, USA  – Thomas Devine, Legal Director
Public Concern at Work, UK – Francesca West, Chief Executive
Whistleblower-Netzwerk e.V. / Whistleblower-Network, Germany – Annegret Falter, Chair
Open Democracy Advice Centre, South Africa – Lorraine Martin, Senior Manager
Pištaljka (“The Whistle”) Serbia – Vladimir Radomirović, Senior Editor
Transparency International Ireland Ireland – John Devitt, Chief Executive
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative India – Venaktesh Nayak, Coordinator, Access to Information Programme
Centro de Derechos Humanos, Universidad de Chile, Chile – Claudio Nash, Prof. Asistente, Departamento de Derecho Internacional
Centre for Free Expression Whistleblower Initiative, Ryerson University, Canada – David Hutton, Senior Fellow

WIN is directed by Anna Myers, an experienced lawyer in the field of public interest whistleblowing and anti-corruption prevention in the UK, Europe and internationally.

National WIN participants include:

Transparency International Ireland, Ireland
Oživení, Czech Republic
WB, Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Accion Ciudadana, Guatemala
Transparency Estonia, Estonia
Government Accountability Project, United States of America
Public Concern at Work, United Kingdom
Whistleblower-Netzwerk e. V / Whistleblower-Network, Germany
Open Democracy Advice Centre, South Africa
Centre for Free Expression Whistleblower Initiative, Ryerson University, Canada
Whistleblowing Austria, Austria
Information Clearinghouse Japan, Japan
Pistaljka (“The Whistle”), Serbia

International WIN Associates and Supporters:

GlobaLeaks, Italy

WIN is also closely affiliated with the International Whistleblowing Research Network in the United Kingdom (contact: Prof. David Lewis, Middlesex University).