17th April 2019: Event at European Parliament on the future of new Whistleblower Directive

Civil society has organised an event, EU Protection for Whistleblowers: the Future of the New Directive, on 17th April 2019 at the European Parliament to mark the adoption of a new directive to protect whistleblowers in Europe. Parliamentarians from the European Parliament and the Council of Europe as well as civil society advocates and guest speaker, Antoine Deltour of #LuxLeaks, will meet to discuss what this new directive can and should mean for Europe.


In the final session before the EU elections, the European Parliament will vote for a new EU Directive to protect whistleblowers in Europe. WIN and its members were delighted and wholly committed to working with Eurocadres, Transparency International Europe, and many other civil society organisations participating in a range of advocacy efforts.

As the scandals revealed by whistleblowers in the #LuxLeaks and #PanamaPapers investigations continue to reverberate around Europe and the world, and new information sheds light on wrongdoing affecting our financial systems, our food, and our environment, civil society played an essential role in ensuring that the new EU directive provided a sound basis on which we can all work to protect whistleblowers in Europe. The coordinated and collaborative work of those involved demonstrates just what can be achieved when civil society actors bring their combined expertise to bear on decisions that will affect the whole of Europe.

Join us as we assess the impact of this breakthrough in the ongoing campaign for effective whistleblower protection and as we take a moment to prepare for the work ahead. Our work now is to turn legal rights into active protection and to advance whistleblowing disclosures to achieve lasting change in the public interest!

For more background, see cases from each of the EU Member States which demonstrate the public interest importance of legal, institutional and public support for individual whistleblowers. 

The Truth Needs Friends – EU must strengthen whistleblower protection in Europe!

WIN is supporting this campaign by the Green/EFA Group in the EU Parliament because we have a massive opportunity to end the fear, silence, loneliness and bullying that some people suffer from just telling the truth. The European Union is on the verge of enacting new legislation that would change the lives of people who reveal the truth about illegalities, corrupt practices and other dodgy dealings – otherwise known as “whistleblowers”.

The first of its kind, the new European Whistleblower Directive would oblige all EU governments to introduce minimum standards of protection for truth-tellers. These protections would include penalties for people that retaliate against whistleblowers or try to shut them up; an obligation for public and private bodies to set up channels for receiving reports and to keep the identity of the whistleblower confidential; and legal shields for whistleblowers so that, if for example they breach a confidentiality agreement, they would not be held liable for it.

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