Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO)

Groupe d’etats contre la corruption (GRECO)

GRECO monitors its 49 member states’ efforts to tackle and prevent corruption having regard to the Council of Europe’s legal standards. It is a peer review mechanism and each member state is evaluated on an equal basis in rounds which focus on specfic themes. While GRECO is now in its fourth round focusing on corruption prevention with respect to MPs, prosecutors and judges, it examined whistleblowing with respect to public officials and corruption prevention in public administration in its second round. Each country report set out whether public officials were able to report actual or suspected misconduct or corruption breaches of duties or code of ethics, knew how to do so and were protected for doing so.

All GRECO evaluation reports and compliance reviews are published on their website.

See also GRECO’s Seventh General Activity Report (2006) which included a section on the “protection of whistleblowers”