Protection of Whistleblowers

The English versions of the papers set out below were orginally drafted to be included in an e-book published by the Serbian Information Commissioner in December 2013. This was the culmination of a project to raise the profile of public interest whistleblowing in Serbia and draft new legislation to protect whistleblowers. The project included a conference in Belgrade in May 2013 which brought together key stakeholders from government, academia, civil society and the media from Serbia and abroad.

The Serbian Ministry of Justice is currently consulting on a draft law – public consultation is open until the end of January 2014.

What Makes a Good Whistleblower Law? by Paul Stephenson

Whistleblowing: Civil Society’s Challenge by Anna Myers

Whistleblowing in the Security Sector by Benjamin Buckland & Aidan Wills

For full e-book in the Serbian language please see Protection of Whistleblowers. It is introduced on the Information Commissioner’s website as:

…the first publication dedicated to the protection of whistleblowers published in the Serbian language. It brings together the work of renowned experts from various fields on the theme of whistleblower protection in an effort to inform decision makers, professionals and all interested parties in Serbia; to provide an overview and highlight the most important and challenging aspects of protecting whistleblowers. The desire of the publishers is that this serves as a reference resource for professionals.