Current projects

Whistleblowing Reform Commission

To examine the existing arrangements for workplace whistleblowing and make recommendations for change.

The Whistleblowing Commission will oversee a consultation process run by Public Concern at Work which will target individuals (whistleblowers and non-whistleblowers), employers, professional bodies, trades unions, business groups, academics, lawyers and regulators to provide evidence on each of the following areas:

1.Law and policy – is it adequate and effective?
2.Regulators- should they be doing more?
3.Rewards- how can whistleblowing be incentivised?
4.Tribunals- are they protecting whistleblowers and society at large?

PCaW will collate all responses and work with the Whistleblowing Commission members to draft a report. It is envisaged that an evidence gathering stage will also take place, which will include a survey of UK business.