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UK’s Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (up to date as of July 2016).

The UK’s Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) was passed in 1998 and has been in force since 1999. PIDA amended the UK’s Employment Rights Act and is therefore part of the UK’s overall legal framework for employment rights and protection. As in any other jurisdiction, it is not the only law affecting the rights and protections of whistleblowers in the UK and Public Concern at Work and other civil society organisations rightly argue for other needed types of protections and improvements in this area. However, PIDA is still a very important foundation piece in the UK legal framework and was the first dedicated whistleblower protection law in Europe.

Public Concern at Work published a Guide to the UK’s whistleblower protection law (Public Interest Disclosure Act, 1998) on its website.  The Guide explains how the law works in practice, lists some of the key cases decided under its various provisions, provides tips on how the law applies to both workers and employers, and takes into account any amendments that have been made since it came into force in 1999.

You can also access the UK’s whistleblower protection law directly via the UK government’s website and check  if there have been any further amendments.  See