It is important to understand how whistleblowing is a public interest activity, and why protecting whistleblowers is so important in today's world - whether it is to protect the vulnerable from harm, stop wrongdoing, hold those in powerful positions to account for their actions and decisions, or highlight where our legal systems and regulatory frameworks have failed to catch up to the impact of new technologies and global environmental risks. 

For this reason, we aim to provide as much information as possible to help you examine whistleblowing from many different perspectives. In our Resources library, you can search by country or key word, or explore the different categories at your leisure.  The categories range from Standards, Guides and Codes of Practice to Whistleblowing and Human Rights and more.   

We offer these to anyone interested in whistleblowing and trust that having access to these resources will help you identify what is needed to address whistleblowing issues and better protect whistleblowers proactively and effectively.   

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