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WIN is unique in its approach to supporting organisations working to defend and support whistleblowers. We connect the whistleblower protection community and bring together the work that civil society organisations are doing all over the world. As a practitioners' network, WIN enhances the capacity of our participating organisations to deliver the quality work they do and helps to raise their profile and the profile of public interest whistleblowing internationally.  

We collaborate with our Members and Associates on how best to demonstrate the positive impact of their work and are proud to shine a spotlight on the contributions they are making to better governance practices worldwide.  

Our publications reflect our dedication to educate others on whistleblowing protections and issues from around the world. We produce these works independently and in collaboration with other organisations.

Our reputation for quality means WIN can recommend experts from the network to contribute to seminars, events and studies on whistleblowing around the world. This ensures hard-won practical expertise and knowledge on the ground is informing law, policy and projects at all levels.

We are committed to sharing our combined expertise by presenting strategic resources related to issues affecting whistleblowing law and practice and we aim to examine previously unexplored links between challenges and approaches in different jurisdictions. 

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