You will find here a range of resources (laws, articles, studies, and other publications and links) on whistleblowing law and practice. We have curated these resources to help you navigate the myriad of ways in which whistleblowing acts as a democratic accountability mechanism and as a check on secrecy and abuse of power in many different contexts.  

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  • Whistleblowing in the Security Sector

    Whistleblowing in the Security Sector by Benjamin S.Buckland and Aidan Wills (2013) 

    This chapter on whistleblowing in the security sector provides an overview of whistleblowing procedures and protection in security sector organisations such as the police, security and intelligence agencies and the armed forces.

    It argues for the development legal and institutional frameworks which promote and protect disclosure of public interest information and this is possible whilst also ensuring classified information is handled properly.
    This is an except from the book Protection of Whistleblowers available in Serbian here

  • Serbian National Whistleblowing Protection Law

    Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers (2014) 

  • Perugia Principles for Journalists

    The Perguia Principles for Journalists: Working with Whistleblowers in the Digital Age (2018)

    This publication from Blueprint for Free Speech provides the latest update on both source and whistleblower protections. It provides 12 concise principles for journalists facing working with whistleblowers in an age of complex digital systems from big data to mass surveillance. It sets out the principles as ethical obligations – with practical tips for their implementation.
    It has been published in Russian, Greek, Spanish and German.

  • Working with Whistleblowers: A Guide for Journalists

    This 2017 guide outlines critical tools for journalists to navigate the complexities of working with whistleblowers.
    Developed by one of the most established and reliable centres of expertise on whistleblowing in the world – the Government Accountability Project – it draws on over 40 years experience of working ‘on the ground’ with whistleblowers and hopes to awaken awareness for the special care required when using their disclosures.

    More resources from the Government Accountablity Project can be found here

  • Caught between Conscience and Career

    Caught between Conscience and Career: Exposing Abuse without Exposing your Identity (2019)

    This survival guide from the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) in the US is intended to help and empower conscientious government employees when they encounter wrongdoing in the workplace. It includes guidance on protecting your identity, anonymity and the legal and practical implications of disclosing to the media.
    POGO’s website has a dedicated whistleblowing resource guide for federal employee here.


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