Earth League International

Earth League International (ELI) is the first Intelligence Agency for Earth.
Earth League International (formerly Elephant Action League) works to merge the worlds of intelligence, investigation, and conservation in the service of wildlife, forests, oceans, and the people who protect them. Through intelligence-gathering and undercover operations, it targets illegal wildlife supply chains, environmental criminal organizations, traffickers, and corrupt government officials.
The intelligence-led approach is needed to integrate the more traditional “reactive” conservation models with a more proactive, impactful, and disruptive approach.
Our team and network of collaborators include professionals who have been working in the intelligence and investigation fields for decades, mostly for top governmental agencies, including the FBI and other government agencies.
Earth League International operates at the nexus of civil society and law enforcement – bridging the resource, knowledge, and priority gaps exhibited by many government and law enforcement agencies around environmental crime. Upon the conclusion of our intelligence and investigative activities, Earth League International prepares Confidential Intelligence Briefs (CIBs) to share with relevant law enforcement bodies at national, regional, and international levels, depending on the nature of intelligence and which agencies are well-positioned to take effective action.
ELI is also the creator and manager of WildLeaks, the world’s first environmental crime whistleblowing initiative. The Mission of WildLeaks is to receive and evaluate anonymous information and tips regarding wildlife crime, including corruption, and transform them into concrete actions. Since its launch WildLeaks received hundreds of confidential submissions, generated various investigations, and shared dozens of confidential reports with other NGOs or law enforcement agencies.