Free Press Unlimited

Free Press Unlimited is a Netherlands-based media development organisation that carries out projects to advance public access to quality journalism worldwide. Journalists have an important role to play to disclosing cases of wrongdoings brought up by whistleblowers that otherwise would never see the light of the day. This enables journalists to inform citizens in accordance with journalistic principles and to hold governments and corporations accountable. 
At Free Press Unlimited we believe the safety of journalists is a precondition for access to information. Journalists also have an obligation to keep their sources safe. All too often we see that journalists and their sources are threatened, intimidated and attacked. The perpetrators of this violence threaten independent watchdog journalism with impunity. That is why Free Press Unlimited has helped set up four whistleblowing platforms for the media in The Netherlands, Mexico, Nigeria, and Indonesia. These digital platforms connect potential whistle-blowers directly with investigative journalists at media houses. 
Free Press Unlimited has been involved in several advocacy initiatives to create an enabling environment for whistleblowers in the EU. The recent EU whistleblower directive was a result of close cooperation with WIN and other transparency organisations.