The Signals Network

The Signals Network is U.S.-based 501(c)3 non-profit with international operations dedicated to supporting whistleblowers who have shared public interest information with the press. Founded in 2017 by journalists, whistleblowers and lawyers, TSN seeks to hold powerful interests accountable. 

Through its Whistleblower Protection Program, TSN protects and helps whistleblowers who have provided important public-interest revelations to journalists and the public. TSN’s all-encompassing one-to-one whistleblower support has played a significant role in helping brave individuals face legal, financial, physical and mental challenges, while also supporting them in their post-whistleblowing journey with communications, career and advoacy support. 

TSN created an end-to-end solution that benefits workers, whistleblowers, journalists and, ultimately, the public. It is called EPIC

  • EMPOWER workers to know their rights, laws and support systems before they decide whether to come forward;

  • PROTECT individuals who act as whistleblowers and speak out against corporate and government misconduct;

  • Support journalists in working with whistleblowers to INVESTIGATE revelations;

  • CHANGE policies through advocacy campaigns built around whistleblower revelations and improve whistleblower protections.

TSN offers this program to whistleblowers globally, with a specific focus on Big Tech whistleblowers.

TSN does not request, encourage or counsel potential whistleblowers to act unlawfully. TSN’s advice to an individual whistleblower is independent of the journalist or any sponsorship.