Transparency International Bulgaria

Transparency International Bulgaria was been established in 1998 and as the Bulgarian national chapter of the global TI movement. For more than 20 years TI Bulgaria has been working to unite the efforts of government institutions, local authorities, private sector, and media to carry out systemic reforms and take concrete action against the spread of corruption in the country.

TI Bulgaira's initiatives cover a broad spectrum of areas where the risks of opaqueness and irregularity are the most severe, including election process, local governance, administrative reform, judiciary, public procurement, and whistleblowing.

In the view of the (then) upcoming EU Whistleblowing Directive, since 2017 TI Bulgaria have been intensively advocating for whistleblowers protection in our country. Bulgaria stays behind a good number of countries from both EU Members States and our neighbours in Balkans. The development of national rules and practice on this issue is therefore urgent and demands strong political will and responsibility.

TI Bulgaria aim at advancement of an environment and at promotion of prerequisites for the adoption of national whistleblowing legislation: a common understanding, that an adequate protection of whistleblowers and their confidence in it will incentivise people to speak up; the start of a public dialogue involving wide range of stakeholders; the explanation of the role of whistleblowers in the fight against corruption to the broader public and the improvement of the public image of people reporting wrongdoing.

As a member of the of the Civic Council to the National Council for Anticorruption Polices TI-Bulgaria advocated for including the whistleblowing protection among the priority measures of the Bulgarian National Strategy for Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption of Bulgaria in 2021 – 2027. Currently, TI-Bulgaria is also a member of the national working group tasked with the transposition of the Directive into the national legislation.