Transparency International Estonia

Transparency International Estonia (Korruptsioonivaba Eesti) has worked on preventing corruption and increasing transparency in Estonian society for the last 19 years. Increasing whistleblower protection has been a continuous effort of the organization since 2009, with projects focusing on both the public and the private sector.

While Estonia has persistently increased its CPI score since 2012, whistleblowers still suffer from a negative public perception. To increase awareness of the need to protect and encourage whistleblowers, TI Estonia has worked with ministries to develop a toolkit for public institutions.

Through its Business Integrity Forum, TI Estonia has in recent years increasingly focused on business integrity, including moderating workshops to share best practices of whistleblowing in the private sector. TI Estonia sees whistleblowing as a key element of anti-corruption mechanisms and continuously works to advocate for increased legal protection of reporting persons.