Transparency International Greece

Transparency International Greece (TI Greece), founded in 1997, is an official chapter of the global organisation Transparency International. Transparency International is committed to the fight against corruption in the public and private sectors and the promotion of transparency, accountability, integrity, solidarity, justice and democracy.  

TI Greece is involved in a range of anti-corruption programmes at the international, national, and local level. Recent and current projects have a particular focus on the promotion of whistleblowing laws and the support of whistleblowers. Key initiatives include:

  • 2013 - Tl Greece presented its EU-funded research, An Alternative to Silence, which created fertile soil for the introduction of the notion of whistleblowing into the domestic legal order in the next year.

  • September 2013 – January 2015 - TI Greece produced its EU-funded project, Speak Up – Engaging Citizens in fighting corruption in Europe, creating the “Transparency Now!” service and a dedicated helpline to provide information and guidance to citizens who faced incidents of corruption. More than 800 individuals contacted the service during the duration of the project.

Since February 2019, TI Greece has been running the EU-funded project, “Widely Expanding Anonymous Tipping Technology Deployment, Operation, and Trustworthiness to Combat Corruption in Eastern and Southern Europe (EAT)”. This project aims to massively expand the availability, functionality, and use of tip submission technology, and assist in the fight against corruption in the 11 EU countries where corruption is most perceived to negatively affect business and government.