Transparency International Spain

Transparency International Spain (TI EspaƱa) works to promote integrity, transparency and prevention of corruption in both public and private sectors in Spain. As part of its mission, we understand the importance of the protection of whistleblowers, who bring to light essential information to initiate investigations regarding corruption crimes and other offenses, therefore we firmly believe that protecting whistleblowers is a direct manifestation of anti-corruption efforts.

We have developed a line of research focused on the protection of whistleblowers. Since the creation of this field of research by the organization, we have promoted the approval of national regulatory initiatives that offer protected reporting systems and effective whistleblower's protection in Spain. In this regard, we have written and published various documents, reports, position papers and, in addition, we have interviewed whistleblowers in order to show and disseminate their experiences to the public.

In addition, we have developed a specific research line for business integrity, which includes the development of protected reporting systems and the effective protection of whistleblowers. We also have included substantive indicators linked to the protection of whistleblowers in our Practical Guide for Self-assessment and Reporting on Corporate Compliance, Good Corporate Governance and Prevention of Corruption

We also offer several lessons and workshops dedicated to whistleblowers and protected reporting systems in our Postgraduate Diploma in Business Integrity, Transparency and Good Governance.