Xnet is an activist project working in fields related to digital rights and democracy, freedom of expression, net neutrality, privacy, the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information. They fight for greater transparency, participation and citizen control of power and institutions and campaign for the public’s right to know, inform and be informed. They are also involved in the technical, communications and legal fight against corruption and in the development of technopolitics – understood here as the practice of networking and taking action for citizen empowerment, justice and social transformation.

In Spain, they are pioneers in the field of whistleblowing through their work installing secure “leak” boxes in NGOs and goverment institutions. In the City Council of Barcelona, they have opened the first governmental “leak” box to use Tor and they are now replicating this model in many other institutions in Spain.

Xnet have also created a template of whistleblower’s protection law that have been use to shape legislation in local and national rulings and at the European level. As activists, they assist individuals willing to blow the whistle with technical and communication support. They also teach workshops for academics, journalists and citizens on whistleblowing - including at the Barcelona School of Management (BSM) at Pompeu Fabra University where Xnet have helped to develop and deliver the Postgraduate Course in Technopolitics and Rights in the Digital Era.