Oživení is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1997 in the Czech Republic. The main areas of interest include right to know and right to participate, whistleblowing, management of public property and local newspapers. Oživení has a long term experiences with providing analysis and public advocacy in the field of right to know, impartial public media supporting equal political competition, legal counselling.

In 2014, Oživení published a unique analysis on whistleblowing in V4 countries and Estonia including 40 interviews with whistleblowers. In 2013-2015, we coordinated international project devoted also to whistleblowing. Oživení is a part of Whistleblowing International Network. In 2015, we organized an international conference on whistleblowing in Prague with the participation of Thomas Devine, Government Accountability Project, Richard Moberly, College of Law, University of Nebraska and other important speakers.

Oživení has supported NGOs initiative to adopt an adequate legislation for protection of whistleblowers on EU level and is a member of the Governmental Working Committee for whistleblowing.