Pištaljka (The Whistle) is a whistleblowing platform based in Belgrade that combines journalism and legal expertise in its work. Founded in 2010, Pištaljka has published more than 1,000 investigative stories on corruption, abuse of office and other forms of threats to the public interest. Many of our stories were based on tips from whistleblowers and have led to official investigations, resignations and removals of public officials. 
Pištaljka also publishes whistleblower's testimonies and since 2014 has been providing free legal aid to whistleblowers, including court representation, and has successfully defended more than 40 whistleblowers from retaliation and provided advice to more than 2,000 clients. Pištaljka was part of the working group to draft the Serbian Whistleblower Protection Law, adopted in 2014. In cooperation with the Judicial Academy, Pištaljka has trained more than 1,000 judges and more than 200 public prosecutors, which has resulted in effective implementation of the law. Pištaljka has published dozens of books, including handbooks for whistleblowers, judges, prosecutors, and authorized whistleblowing officers.
Since 2022, Pištaljka is running a Whistleblowing Clinic at the Belgrade Law School.