Whistleblower Netzwerk E.V

Whistleblower Netzwerk E.V (WBN) is committed to improving the legal protection and social standing of whistleblowers in Germany. Thanks to its expertise, the non-partisan, non-profit association has become a well-known contact for politicians, the media, event organisers, academia, and business since it was founded in 2006.

Whistleblower Netzwerk E.V (WBN) prepares expert reports and statements and makes proposals for improving legal protections. In its public relations and educational work, it raises awareness of how democracy and the rule of law benefit from whistleblowers. This includes lectures at specialist events, workshops in educational institutions and a traveling exhibition of whistleblower cases. Through an advisory service for potential whistleblowers, WBN provides assistance and learns more about the practical challenges facing whistleblowers. WBN also supports companies, authorities, and NGOs with its consultancy services on how to introduce and optimize the management of whistleblowing.

WBN’s work benefits from its large network which includes expert lawyers, former compliance officers, academics, former whistleblowers, and representatives of various civil society organisations. Through its involvement in international networks such as WIN (Whistleblowing International Network), WBN also keeps an eye on international developments.