Do No Structural Harm? A Discussion of Dissent in International and NGOs

February 24, 2022
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Join Government Accountability Project (GAP) for their webinar - Do No Structural Harm? A Discussion of Dissent in International and Non Governmental Organisations.

When: Thursday 24 February 2022, 11:00am EST 
Where: Online, Zoom. Register here

GAP will discuss Carvalho International Research Fellow Anna Levy's research on the internal responses to dissent and whistleblowing inside large international humanitarian and development organizations. Levy took on this research to document how sounding the alarm on structural harm—whether in the form of asking hard questions or exposing certain practices—happens inside these organizations along with organizational (or leadership) responses to them.

This discussion will share and reflect on the patterns she found through a series of interviews with aid insiders, dissenters, and would-be whistleblowers. Since this research was undertaken in 2018 there have been enormous shifts and gains in public conversation and reckoning with structural legacies of inequality, racism, and colonialism in every facet of political, social, and institutional life. International organizations are no exception. Although substantive and enduring transformation takes far longer than a few years, it is very encouraging to see.

Levy hopes that her findings might continue to offer modest insight for those taking on the enormously challenging task of exposing internal dynamics that cause public harm in international organizations and/or NGOs, and who, both individually and collectively, are best positioned to flag to change them.

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