Let's Fix UK Whistleblowing Law

April 29, 2021
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Protect is  launching  their campaign 'Help Fix UK Whistleblowing Law' with a panel debate on the importance of whistleblowing from Wuhan to Westminster with MPs and NHS whistleblower Dr Chris Day.

When: 29 April 2021, 9:30-10:30am GMT
Where: Zoom, Passcode 790

The UK's whistleblowing law, the Public Interest Disclosure Act is 23 years old and in need of reform.

It does not reflect modern work practices – too many people from job applicants to volunteers are not protected. Too few employers are required to put any arrangements in place. Too many of those who speak out suffer victimisation as a result.

Yet whistleblowing is vital to keep us all safe, and effective legal rights and obligations can drive cultural change. Protect says its time the Government took urgent measures to fix UK whistleblowing law to protect whistleblowers who speak up to stop harm.


MPs will discuss how relevant whistleblowing law, the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 is in protecting whistleblowers today. Is the UK in danger of falling behind international best practice? Listen to Protect’s plan to reform PIDA with its draft whistleblowing bill.

Dame Margaret Hodge MP
Kevin Hollinrake MP
Dr Chris Day, NHS Whistleblower,
Protect Chief Executive, Liz Gardiner

Chaired by Mukhtiar Singh, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers

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