Panel Discussion on "Snitchers, Tattletales, and Whistleblowers" at Arvamusfestival

August 14, 2020
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Update: This event can be rewatched here. The written summary of the discussion can be read here.

Whistleblowing is not seen as a favoured phenomenon in Estonia. People who dare to speak up against injustice or fraud are usually beaten down by the criticism from the society, or even worse: their colleagues, friends and family. Nevertheless, the lack of legislative support to whistleblowers ought to change by the end of 2021 when the EU directive on the protection of people reporting abuses of the Union law will be incorporated into the Estonian law. The directive sets concrete standards for how both, companies and public institutions will have to ensure the confidentiality of whistleblowers and protecting them from retaliation.
Encouraging employees to report wrongdoing, and protecting them when they do, is essential for corruption prevention in both the public and private sectors. Whistleblower protection is vital in order to safeguard the public interest and to promote a culture of public accountability and integrity. Workers are often the first people to witness any type of wrongdoing within an organisation. The information that workers may uncover could prevent wrongdoing, which may damage an organisation’s reputation and performance, and could even save people from harm or death.
Still, the question remains - can a law change systemic and historic attitudes to the better? What are companies and public institutions already doing in relation to whistleblowing protection and what must be improved?
Come join the discussion at Arvamusfestival in Paide, Estonia on August 14 at 16-17:30 EEST. The discussion was broadcast live on Facebook live and can be rewatched here.
  • A company case from Estonia, – T├Ánis Sepp, Eesti Energia AS
  • Whistleblowing case in Estonian media – Martin Laine, Ekspress Meedia, Investigative Editorial Office, Reporter
  • Changes in the legislation - What must the authorities and companies do? – Mare Tannberg, Estonian Ministry of Justice
Moderator: Carina Paju, Executive Director, Transparency International Estonia
Language: English, interpretation into sign language (Estonian)
To watch live on Facebook, see here. For more information on Arvamusfestival, see here.

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