Singing Heroes: From the Margins to Centre Stage

May 18, 2024
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Singing Heroes: From the Margins to Centre Stage 

Concert and panel discussion in Sarajevo (Saturday, May 18th), part of the Balkan-wide tour In Tune with Pištaljka

Where: Jazzbina Club, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
When: Saturday, 18 May 2024, 19:00 PM CEST - (UTC+2)

Pištaljka is teaming up with the Roma Cultural Centre and the Aksiom Romani Association to present music and panel discussions on whistleblowing and the Roma minority across the Balkans. The project "Singing Heroes: From the Margins to Centre Stage" aims to bring awareness to whistleblowing through music and to the underprivileged Roma community through journalism and activism.
This innovative collaboration uses music, journalism and activism to bring about change to the two communities - whistleblowers and Roma - who share the same fate. Whistleblowers face retaliation for their actions, and Roma face discrimination because of the colour of their skin and their social status.
Whistleblowers, Romani activists, and journalists will discuss these issues in panel discussions, followed by concerts by the Kal band, the most famous Romani band in the Balkans. Kal's music combines Balkan beats with blues and funk. A specially produced song written by Dragana Matović of Pištaljka and Dragan Ristić of Kal will be performed during the tour.
In Sarajevo, the event takes place at the Jazzbina club this Saturday at 7 p.m. Speakers at the panel discussion include founders of Pištaljka, Dragana Matović and Vladimir Radomirović, and Bosnian whistleblowers Višnja Marilović and Emir Mešić. 
Project "Singing Heroes: From the Margins to Centre Stage" is supported by the British Council, within the Culture and Creativity for the Western Balkans (CC4WBs) project funded by the European Union.
Pištaljka's regional tour started in Serbia last Friday with an event in the town of Niš, followed by Skoplje (North Macedonia) and Leskovac (Serbia). After Sarajevo, the tour continues on Sunday in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

For more info: Uspešno ste poslali poruku. Hvala Vam! - Piš (