Understanding Whistleblower Rewards

July 29, 2022
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Whistleblower Network News will be hosting a panel on whistleblower rewards as part of their National Whistleblower Day campaign. 

When: Friday 29 July, 2022. 2:30pm EST
Where: Online. Register here

The issue of financial rewards for whistleblower rewards have caused much debate, and some controversy.  Panelists Aiyesha Dey and Jonas Heese co-authored the 2021 article, 'Cash-for-Information Whistleblower Programs: Effects on Whistleblowing and Consequences for Whistleblowers'. This article specifically looked at how financial incentives affect a whistleblower’s decision to report misconduct and if the potential consequences could be supplemented by a financial reward.

The panel will discuss article and its findings, generating conversations around whistleblower incentives and their effectiveness in attracting people willing to speak out.


Aiyesha Dey - Associate Professor, Harvard Business School 

Jonas Heese - Marvin Bower Associate Professor of Business and Administration, Harvard Business School 

Stephen Kohn - Whistleblowing Attorny and Founder of the National Whistleblowing Center

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