Webinar: Snitches get Stitches and end up in Ditches

August 21, 2023
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Snitches get Stitches and end up in Ditches

The Whistleblower House is hosting an complimentry whistleblowing webinar - Snitches-get-Stitches-and-end-up-in-Ditches_2023.pdf (tei.org.za)

(This event has now passed, watch the full event here)

When: 21st August 2023, 07:00am till 8:30am UTC
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Join us in creating a culture where whistleblowers are appreciated for their contribution to transparency and accountability, and not victimised for having had the moral courage to call those involved in wrongdoing out. In this webinar, we will hear first-hand from Jóhannes Stefánsson, the whistleblower known as the source of the Fishrot Files about the damages he has, and still are, experiencing because of victimisation. Not only will we enquire about obvious detriments, but also about the moral injury he, and so many other whistleblowers, has endured. - The Whistleblower House

WELCOMING AND OPENING Prof Deon Rossouw | CEO of The Ethics Institute (TEI) PANEL DISCUSSION Dr Liezl Groenewald | Senior Manager TEI & Co-Founding Director of The Whistleblower House (WBH) Jóhannes Stefánsson | former Director of Operations in Namibia for Icelandic fishing company Samherji Ben Theron | CEO of WBH Lulama Qabaka | Ethics and Anti-Corruption Specialist, TEI CLOSING Mr Ivan Pillay | Chair of WBH Board