Call for Papers on the Heroism of Whistleblowers

April 28, 2020
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Acknowledging that for over a decade, the academic literature from law to psychology, has described whistleblowing as 'altruistic heroism', the publication Heroism Science have issued a call for papers for a special issue entitled “The Heroism of Whistleblowers.”


Heroism science is a peer reviewed open source research journal that aims to advance heroism science theory - a transdisciplinary study of heroism in the 21st Century. 


Submissions are welcome across the fields of psychology, sociology, cultural studies, political science, history, philosophy, international relations and the humanities.


With whistleblowing being described as ’one of the most important and difficult forms of heroism in modern society,’ the editors are particularly interested in research on the characteristics of whistleblowers, the challenges of whistleblowing, whistleblowing policies and culture at an organisational and societal level. 


Priority will be given to empirical papers discussing new qualitative and / or quantitative evidence but all papers will be considered. All papers will be submitted for peer review from at least two relevant experts.


A 200 – 300 word proposal is required by 30 June 2020 with a final submission deadline of 01 October 2020.


For a full list of suggested topics, further information on the editors, and submission instructions see – here.

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