EU Whistleblowing Meter – December Roundup

January 17, 2021
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This is the monthly roundup of updates provided by the EU Whistleblowing Meter team of country editors detailing national developments in the transposition of the EU Directive on Whistleblowing during December 2020. 
As of today, there are just 11 months until the deadline for transposition of the EU Directive on Whistleblowing.
Transposition is underway in at least 18 countries, with Croatia moving to ‘in progress’ this month.  9 Member States remain listed as ‘not started.’  
Country Updates:
In Croatia, the Government have now adopted a plan for legislative activities and harmonization for 2021 which includes proposed amendments to whistleblowing legislation to be adopted later this year. 

In Germany,  a national newspaper has reported that a first whistleblowing law has been drafted by the Ministry of Justice. The proposal expands on the scope of the Directive to protect persons who report breaches of national law. A position paper on transposition has also been published by the German SPD party - Protect Whistleblowers Better makes several policy recommendations which are in line with best practice principles for whistleblowing legislation, including protecting disclosure of wrongdoing not considered strictly a breach of a legal obligation. 

In Poland, the Prime Minister has transferred responsibility for transposition of the Directive to the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology. This is considered a small but significant step and public consultation on a dedicated whistleblowing law is now expected.

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