New Podcast Alert: Tas Brooker, Director of 'When We Speak' Whistleblowing Documentary

November 01, 2022
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On this week's episode of Whistleblowing Now and Then WIN's Communications Officer, Verity Loughlin, is joined by Tas Brooker - the Director of the upcoming whistleblowing documentary 'When We Speak'.

Tas has been working as a producer across Film and TV for over 15 years. Her work has spanned everything from music, film, and cars to hard-hitting documentaries such as Channel 4's Dispatches, and the BBC's Panorama. In 2016 Tas co-founded the production company, Wiser Films, with Jim Wiseman

'When We Speak' follows 3 whistleblowers; Katherine Gunn, Rose McGowan, and Helen Evans. By cutting between these stories, Brooker highlights their common threads, abuses of power, and exploited vulnerabilities. Crises of conscience, painful examinations of where one’s loyalties lie. We hear the motivation behind the decision to whistleblow, and we see its dramatic fallout. 

Verity and Tas discuss the process of gaining trust and working with whistleblowers to tell their stories, the personal cost these women faced not only professionally but financially for speaking out as well as the role journalists play in handling whistleblower stories. 

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