New Podcast Alert: World Whistleblower Day 2022

June 23, 2022
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To mark  World Whistleblower Day 2022 WIN has released a new installment of our podcast Whistleblowing Now and Then.

Joining this week’s episode is founders of the Serbian whistleblowing platform Pištaljka; Vladimir Radomirović and Dragana Matović. 
In 2009, whilst working at Politika, Serbia's most respected daily newspaper, Dragana and Vladimir became whistleblowers. They reported censorship and conflicts of interest at the paper related to the then Prime Minister of Serbia. They (and others) were fired, and it was this experience that inspired them to establish Pištaljka as a safe haven for whistleblowers in 2010. Pištaljka has published over 800 articles on corruption and abuse of power in public office and provided legal advice to over 1,600 whistleblowers and potential whistleblowers. Pištaljka has also worked with the Judicial Academy in Belgrade to train more than 1,000 judges, more than 200 prosecutors and 150 lawyers to implement whistleblowing protection law.

WIN’s Executive Director, Anna Myers, sat down with Vladimir and Dragana to discuss how they went from whistleblowers to establishing their own whistleblowing platform. They talk openly about the challenges they faced, the journey to implementing whistleblower legislation in Serbia and the relationship between whistleblowers and journalists.

Dragana described how  Pištaljka investigate disclosures brought to them by whistleblowers: 

"...  We use journalism and the law together to investigate the tips of whistleblowers ...  and at the same time also, we use lawyers, methods ... in investigating  our stories, we never publish a story without good investigation. So we often sacrifice exclusives, you know, as we are not chasing for the same sensations, we are doing our investigation, very similar to the prosecutors investigation."
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