PPLAAF & Climate Whistleblowers Hiring: Communication Manager

July 09, 2024
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Profile: Communication Manager - PPLAAF & Climate Whistleblowers
Location: Paris (France). It can exceptionally be based in Johannesburg (South Africa) or Dakar (Senegal). 
Salary: Contact PPLAAF (Full Time)
Closing Date: 10 August 2024
How to Apply: Please send a Resume (with at least two references from former positions) and a cover letter to jobs@pplaaf.org

Role Info: PPLAAF and CW have been scaling up their activities in the past years, increasing their support to whistleblowers, their partnerships with CSOs and media, and their online presence, with CW specifically gaining traction after its recent launch. The organisations now need to structure and strengthen their communication. In order to reach a larger audience, amongst which potential whistleblowers, and to reach their ambitious objectives for the years to come, PPLAAF and CW are looking to recruit a Communication Manager who would share their time between the two structures.

In close relationship with the Executive Director and the Program Director based in Paris, as well as with the team members based in Paris, Dakar, and Johannesburg, the Communication Manager will design PPLAAF and CW’s communication strategy, organise the development of their brands as well as support the team in implementing the communication strategy.

About: The Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa (PPLAAF) is an NGO based in France, Senegal, and South Africa, staffed by experienced lawyers and journalists who offer legal services and advice to whistleblowers seeking to share information about issues in the public interest. PPLAAF supports whistleblowers whose disclosures speak to the public interest of African citizens and ensure they have a greater impact.
Climate Whistleblowers is an NGO based in Paris that protects individuals who expose wrongdoings that worsen the climate crisis and help them have a greater impact. It means providing support in terms of security, legal proceedings, as well as investigations and working with media to produce impactful reports, articles, or videos.

More Info: work with pplaaf - PPLAAF