PubLeaks – Blowing the Whistle Securely to Journalists in the Netherlands

June 26, 2024
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PubLeaks NL is a Dutch Foundation that offers a secure portal for whistleblowers to anonymously report abuses/tips to journalists within Dutch media. The Foundation encourages the practice of an open society, providing a safe bridge for whistleblowers and journalists to communicate, allowing them to strengthen their control of the narrative they wish to share.

Both the whistleblowers and journalistic organisations using PubLeaks operate under their own responsibilities, the Foundation does not have access to any of the information shared over its portal, thus providing a trusted 1 to 1 channel for both parties. Whistleblowers can choose the recipients they wish to send to out of 19 of the biggest newspaper and media partners in the Netherlands.

PubLeaks is the project of Free Press Unlimited, committed to bringing a secure portal for both whistleblowers and journalists to communicate and share information, as part of its mission for a more transparent society and freedom of the press globally. PubLeaks uses the open-source software GlobaLeaks, created by a non-profit organisation of the same name, to ensure a secure channel for whistleblowing.

Free Press Unlimited has been involved in setting up safe whistleblowing platforms in five countries: Mexico (Méxicoleaks), Nigeria (, Indonesia (IndonesiaLeaks), Mali (Kenekanko) and the Netherlands (Publeaks NL).

FPU and GlobaLeaks are Associates of WIN. For more information on PubLeaks, visit their website here.