TI Australia, HRLC and Griffith Uni Team Up to Provide Guidance on Proper Whistleblowing Policies to Australian Government

March 21, 2024
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WIN membership organisations, Transparency International Australia and the Human Rights Law Centre, collaborated with Griffith University’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy on a report entitled, Making Australian Whistleblowing Laws Work: Draft Design Principles for a Whistleblower Protection Authority. The report published on 12 Feb 2024, is a useful next step in calling on the Australian government to create a national whistleblowing protection authority. The report clearly sets out design principles that can be used to inform the Australian government of the best practices to create strong whistleblower protection legislation and protection, the implementation of which would be assured with the establishment of a federal whistleblower protection authority.

Clancy Moore, CEO of Transparency International Australia said:
“Whistleblowers are the most important factor in bringing issues of harm into the spotlight. Too often they end up being punished and not protected. A Whistleblower Protection Authority would ensure more support and protection and will help prevent people being targeted.”

Professor A J Brown AM (Griffith University), Chair of TI Australia said:
“A Whistleblower Protection Authority will address stark gaps ensuring federal whistleblowing laws work not only on paper but in practice across both the public and private sectors. This includes enforcing protections, providing support to whistleblowers, facilitating whistleblower disclosures, and making sure no whistleblower can any longer fall through the cracks.”

Sharon Kelsey, State anti-corruption whistleblower said:
“The federal government has a huge opportunity to learn from State experience, and set the new national standard for what effective protection of whistleblowers really looks like. The current rules are confusing and inconsistent, and make it dangerous for whistleblowers who want to speak up. Standing up for what’s right shouldn’t have to come at the great personal cost it currently does. Having an independent Whistleblower Protection Authority will make a real difference to the experience of people who speak up.”

Kieran Pender, Senior Lawyer, Human Rights Law Centre said:
“Whistleblowers make Australia a better place. But right now the laws designed to protect and empower them are not working. A Whistleblower Protection Authority is the missing piece of the puzzle. The time has come for the Albanese Government to establish a Whistleblower Protection Authority.”