Tech Worker Handbook Launch

October 06, 2021
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WIN is delighted to announce the launch of the Tech Worker Handbook !

The Tech Worker Handbook is a collection of resources for tech workers who are looking to make more informed decisions about whether to speak out on issues that are in the public interest.

Ifeoma Ozoma, former Pinterest whistleblower, lead this project, coordinating vital resources from The Signals Network, Lioness and security expert Matt Mitchell, with support from Omidyar Network. The handbook covers everything from legal and security considerations to dealing with the media as well as a collection of powerful stories of past tech whistleblowers.

WIN's Executive Director, Anna Myers says:

“Ifeoma Ozoma is the driving force behind this incredible project to help people stand up for the public interest if they want to do so; armed with the knowledge they need and access to independent support. WIN’s mission is to build civil society capacity around the world to support whistleblowers.  We are so damned proud to be working with such an amazing group of experts, many of whom are women, who actively support whistleblowers and work for radical change within the tech industry.”

In this handbook, tech workers are given four guides to help prepare for whistleblowing, organising, and holding powerful companies to account:

The Legal Guide created by The Signals Network addresses the legal questions and issues that may be helpful to tech workers before, during, and after deciding to speak out.

The Media Guide by the experts at Lioness which details common challenges workers can face when going public with their stories. The guide covers everything from participating in an interview with a journalist to how to protect themselves when bringing information to the press.

The Security Guide is a valuable trove of information from Security expert, Matt Mitchell, the founder of Cryptoharlem, a nonprofit anti surveillance, cybersecurity education and advocacy group.  This guide covers foundational and critical strategies for keeping you and your co-workers safe.

WIN contributed a Stories Guide also known as the Whistleblowers’ Corner to the handbook. We worked with tech whistleblowers Clarissa Redwine and Thomas le Bonniec to help tell their stories in their own words. WIN will be adding more stories and publishing the Whistleblowers’ Corner as a permanent fixture on its own website in due course. 

Our hope is that reading about a whistleblowers’ journey from their own perspective it will help others understand the risks and opportunities they too could face when blowing the whistle.  We hope that this information will encourage others to work together to help break the silence that is contributes to so much harm done under the veils of unconscionable corporate and governmental secrecy.

Ifeoma Ozoma believes the “Handbook is for workers but it’s also for reporters, consumers, policymakers, advocates. We ALL benefit when tech workers are better prepared to share information that’s in the public interest. This week is perfect proof of exactly how critical it is to support whistleblowers.”

Preparedness is Power - check out the Tech Worker Handbook today !