The Human Rights Law Center launches Australia's first dedicated legal service for whistleblowers

August 24, 2023
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On the 24 August 2023, our newest Member organisation HRLC has launched 'The Human Rights Law Centre’s Whistleblower Project', Australia’s first dedicated legal service to protect and empower whistleblowers. 

We are delighted to support the organisation as it launches this important project to advise Australian whistleblowers, and as it publishes this timely report on whistleblower protection in Australia, the Cost of Courage: Fixing Australia's Whistleblower Protections

Here is an extract from HRLC's press release on what this project means. 
“The Whistleblower Project will provide expert legal support so whistleblowers can safely reveal wrongdoing under the protection of law and ensure the wrongdoing they disclose is dealt with promptly and fairly. The Whistleblower Project will also continue the Human Rights Law Centre’s proud tradition of advocacy, law reform and policy work to strengthen whistleblower protections in Australia. 

Despite the existence of whistleblower protection laws in every Australian jurisdiction, the laws have not worked in practice. Whistleblower protections have proven inaccessible and practically unenforceable. 80 percent of whistleblowers in Australia report suffering personal reprisals for speaking up. In the most extreme cases, people face the prospect of prison.” 

We salute the HLRC for their work and dedication, and look forward to a long and successful collaboration within WIN.

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