Whistleblowing in Spain: Workers, Management and Speaking Up

June 30, 2021
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Blueprint For Free Speech, an international NGO and WIN associate has published their second report in their series on public attitudes towards whistleblowing in Spain: 

 Whistleblowing in Spain: Workers, Management and Speaking Up

How does Spain feel about whistleblowing?

  • 45% Spaniards surveyed think management in their organisations is serious about protecting people who report wrongdoing.
  • 86% of Spaniards think that those who have information about serious wrongdoing in an organisation should be able to turn to a journalist, the media or internet freely. 
  • 57% of Spaniards think that too much information is kept secret in organizations, and only 21% think the right amount is kept secret.
  • 71% of respondents think that whistleblowers should be protected, not punished, even if this means revealing inside information.

The figures, from a national survey of 2174 Spaniards, are in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of Spaniards who would feel obligated to whistleblow if they saw wrongdoing (72%). Overall, the report suggests that many Spaniards feel a moral obligation to call out wrongdoing but don’t feel safe doing so.

What is the Spanish Government doing to protect whistleblowers ?

Spain has made little progress toward transposing the EU Directive 2019/1937 despite the December 2021 deadline fast approaching. Check out the EU Whistleblowing Monitor to stay up to date with the transposition progress of all 27 member states.  

Visit the Blueprint For Free Speech website which has a free library of original research reports and analysis on whistleblower laws and policies.