Xnet: a case study on NGO activism to protect whistleblowers

February 02, 2020
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WIN associate Xnet, has been featured in Issue 9 of the European Public Mosaic (EPuM) Open Journal on Public Service which focuses on institutional integrity.

The article “Xnet, a case study: the role of civil society in building the framework for whistleblower protection” sets out Xnet’s work to develop democracy in the digital information age and to combat corruption in Spain. Xnet’s practical approach to develop and promote  digital tools to allow people to securely report wrongdoing and actively participate in the fight against corruption in Spain was backed up by their legal advocacy to enshrine digital rights in law. Xnet has become a significant force in the European Union and in the Spanish legislative process to ensure the EU Directive on the protection of whistleblowers is robustly transposed in Spain. Xnet has kicked off the EU transposition process by being the first NGO to formally register a draft national whistleblower protection law that meets international best practice and ticks all the boxes of the EU Directive. The article concludes by recommending what should be considered by institutions and policymakers legislating on whistleblowing. It is a must-read for all civil society organisations in Europe who are keen to promote and protect whistleblowing as a force for democratic renewal!

Read the full article here.