Whistleblower Chile: Pioneering Whistleblowing Research in South America

26 March 2024

Written by Jorge Martinez-Rivera, Law professor at the University of Chile

WIN is delighted to publish this Spotlight on Chile and a new initiative to support whistleblowers in Latin America.

Led by Jorge Martinez-Rivera, a law professor at the University of Chile, the initiative "Whistleblower Chile" has emerged as a digital platform on whistleblowing in Spanish. This website serves as a beacon for raising awareness on whistleblowing from a scholarly standpoint. Born out of four years of research into the complexities of implementing whistleblower laws in Chile, Whistleblower Chile stands as a testament to academic dedication and collaboration. Its establishment has been made possible through invaluable support from esteemed institutions such as the Government Accountability Project, the Whistleblower International Network, and the University of Chile School of Law.


In recent years, Chile has seen the enactment of several whistleblower statutes. These laws address various aspects, including the establishment of internal reporting channels in both public and private sectors, anti-retaliatory protection, and monetary rewards for whistleblowers within corporate settings. Despite these advancements, a lack of systematic legislation and entrenched cultural barriers continue to inhibit employees from speaking out against misconduct within their organisations.

The website serves as a comprehensive repository of Chilean case law, statutory provisions related to whistleblowing, profiles of notable whistleblowers from Chile and beyond, a blog on current challenges for whistleblowers in Chile, and guidelines aimed at enhancing understanding of whistleblowing within the Chilean legal system. Besides, “Whistleblower Chile” has taken the initiative to translate the Government Accountability Project's "best practices" on whistleblowing into Spanish, thereby broadening accessibility to valuable resources.

At the helm of Whistleblower Chile is professor Martínez-Rivera who serves as the director, alongside his role as a professor at the University of Chile School of Law, and as a Senior International Fellow at the Government Accountability Project. Complementing his work, the team comprises a senior researcher and four dedicated assistant researchers. Whistleblower Chile works with the guidance of esteemed external advisors, including Anna Myers (WIN), Elizabeth Gardiner (Protect), Samantha Feinstein (GAP), and Tom Devine (GAP).

Whistleblower Chile endeavours to bridge the knowledge gap surrounding whistleblowing, particularly in the Spanish-speaking world. This mission holds particular significance in Latin America, where pervasive corruption and institutional weaknesses pose formidable challenges for whistleblowers.


Discover more about Whistleblower Chile by visiting their website at: www.whistleblower.cl