cropped-blowing-the-whistle1.jpgWHO WE ARE
The Whistleblowing International Network is an emerging global coalition of organizations with experience advising whistleblowers and protecting them through the courts, in the press and in national legislatures.

The Network evolved in response to an increasingly urgent need for systematic exchange of technical expertise and information about the law and practice of whistleblowing across borders. It was at a meeting held in the margins of a IRWN conference in 2011 that the idea of WIN was first mooted.

WIN was founded in 2013 by five the world’s leading whistleblower protection organisations:

Since then, WIN has reached out to those working in fields closely connected to democratic accountability and whistleblowing including in investigative journalism, academia, justice and human rights, open government, anti-corruption, independent regulation and supervision (eg. ombudspersons, information commissioners) and intergovernmental organisations such as the Council of Europe, the Organisation of American States and the United Nations. WIN’s expert listserv now brings together expertise and knowledge from 35 countries worldwide.

Our mission is to strengthen civil society capacity to protect public interest whistleblowers worldwide and ensure that this expertise and learning serves the greater good more effectively.

WIN does this by:

  • Providing an international platform for sharing information and learning about whistleblowing law and practice as a democratic accountability mechanism.
  • Working across border to transmit first-hand knowledge of whistleblower protection.
  • Forming new links with civil society organizations around the world focused on effective  whistleblower protections.
  • Developing country-appropriate international policy and legislative solutions.

If you would like to get involved with our Network and are an independent NGO or civil society group, please email: