WHO WE ARE: The Whistleblowing International Network is an emerging global coalition of organizations with experience advising whistleblowers and protecting them through the courts, in the press and in national legislatures. The Network evolved in response to an increasingly urgent need for systematic exchange of technical expertise and information about the law and practice of whistleblowing across borders. We aim to deepen existing links among civil society groups and strategic partners, such as journalists and lawyers, and to forge new ones to promote government and corporate accountability around the world.



  • Provide an international platform for sharing information and learning about whistleblowing law and practice as a democratic accountability mechanism
  • work across border to transmit first-hand knowledge of whistleblower protection
  • form new links with civil society organizations around the world focused on effective  whistleblower protections
  • develop country-appropriate international policy and legislative solutions

HOW TO JOIN: If you would like to become part of our Network and are an independent NGO, civil society group, or related professional, please contact WIN Director Anna Myers amyers65@gmail.com