Whistleblowing Around the World

Here is where you can see who is doing what, where and how. The work of not-for-profit NGOs has been vital to ensuring whistleblowers are supported in individual cases, and better protected in law and policy in many jurisdictions. Some whistleblowing NGOs provide services in the form of early confidential advice, legal advocacy and casework, or mutual support and counselling. Others focus on public education and raising awareness, campaigning for legal reform and policy work, and still others offer training and seminars to employers, governments, regulators, judges, and other NGOs. Each contributes in its own way, many combine a number of these activities and most have to make choices based on doing as much as they can as effectively as they can with few resources to do it.

While the expertise of NGOs is specifically highlighted here – other country information is also provided. If you know of any other initiative or information that is not already included here, please email info@whistleblowingnetwork.org.