Internal Auditors Intimidated for ‘Blowing The Whistle'

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Category: Standards, Guides and Codes of Practice
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This White Paper by the Institute of Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa is the result of the Institute’s investigation into intimidation of both internal auditors, as well as other employee whistleblowers, victimised for exposing corruption. In-depth interviews were conducted with six public and private sector ‘whistleblowers’, five of whom are internal auditors. Several other forensic experts as well as the Deputy Public Protector, representatives of the Auditor-General as well as the Public Service Commission were also interviewed.

The report provides advice from whistleblowers in coming forward with a disclosure.  Suggestions are practical and cover things to consider before embarking on disclosure; the protection of information; personal protection; dealing with dirty tricks and victimisation; handling stress; workplace dynamics; how to make a protected disclosure according to the law and the various avenues of relief available.