Conference & Book Launch: Whistleblowing for Change Exposing Systems of Power & Injustice

November 26, 2021
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Disruption Network Lab  is hosting a conference to celebrate the launch of their book: 
Whistleblowing for Change: Exposing Systems of Power & Injustice.

When: 26-28 November 2021
Where: Berlin & Online, find full address and ticket prices here 

Whistleblowing for Change: Exposing Systems of Power & Injustice, edited by Tatiana Bazzichelli, explores the wider effects of whistleblowing as an act of dissent on politics, society, and the arts: 

"The courageous acts of whistleblowing that inspired the world over the past few years have changed our perception of surveillance and control in today's information society. But what are the wider effects of whistleblowing as an act of dissent on politics, society, and the arts? How does it contribute to new courses of action, digital tools, and contents? This urgent intervention based on the work of Berlin's Disruption Network Lab examines this growing phenomenon, offering interdisciplinary pathways to empower the public by investigating whistleblowing as a developing political practice that has the ability to provoke change from within."

WIN's Executive Director, Anna Myers, contributed the chapter All I Ever Wanted to Know About Whistleblowing. She will also be moderating the Q&A after the screening of United States vs. Reality Winner.

Conference Scehdule: 


Friday, November 26 · 2021

18:00—18:10 · OPENING

Tatiana Bazzichelli (Programme Director, Disruption Network Lab, IT/DE), & Lieke Ploeger (Community Director, Disruption Network Lab, NL/DE).


United States vs. Reality Winner (1h 33m, in English) 

A 2021 American documentary film, directed and produced by Sonia Kennebeck. The film is the story of 25-year-old NSA contractor Reality Winner who disclosed a document about Russian election interference to the media and became the number one leak target of the Trump administration.

20:00—22:00 · PANEL

United States vs. Reality Winner: Q&A with Sonia Kennebeck (Film Director, MY/DE/US), Billie Winner-Davis (Former Social Worker, mother of Reality and Brittany Winner, US), John Kiriakou (Former CIA Officer & Anti-torture Whistleblower, US). Moderated by Anna Myers (Executive Director, Whistleblowing International Network, UK).

Saturday, November 27 · 2021


Tatiana Bazzichelli (Programme Director, Disruption Network Lab, IT/DE).

16:40–18:40 · PANEL

Barrett Brown (Writer & Activist, Founder of Project PM, US – on video), Naomi Colvin (Programme Director at Blueprint for Free Speech, UK), Lauri Love (Computer Scientist, UK), Mustafa Al-Bassam (alias Tflow, Computer Security Researcher, Former Core Member LulzSec, UK). Moderated by Delphine Halgand-Mishra (Director of The Signals Network, FR/US).

19:00–21:00 · PANEL

Daryl Davis (R&B and Blues Musician, Author, Actor, US), Annie Machon (Former MI5 Intelligence Officer, UK/BE), Robert Trafford / Forensic Architecture (Researcher, Open Source Investigations, UK/DE). Moderated by Peter Matjašič (Senior Program Officer at the Open Society Initiative for Europe – OSIFE, ES).

Sunday, November 28 · 2021

11:00–13:00 · Workshops Part 1
14:30–17:00 · Workshops Part 2

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