Ithaka - New Julian Assange Documentary

July 07, 2022
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‘Ithaka’ is an intimate documentary that follows John Shipton as he campaigns to free his son, Julian Assange, after the U.S government began proceedings to extradite him — threatening 175 years in prison.

Release date: 7 July 2022

The film – directed by Ben Lawrence and produced by Gabriel Shipton, Assange’s brother – is released in Britain at a crucial stage in Assange’s journey, as his lawyers do all they can to challenge the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel's decision to allow his extradition to stand trial under the US Espionage Act.

As a number of press freedom groups wrote in a letter to the UK Home Secretary in April 2022, not only will Julian Assange be unable to defend himself if he is extradited, as the US Espionage Act does not allow for a public interest defence but:

“His prosecution would set a dangerous precedent that could be applied to any media outlet that published stories based on leaked information, or indeed any journalist, publisher or source anywhere in the world.”

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